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Monday, 1 February 2016

Review quotes

Omega Comics Presents #1 (Pop! Goes The Icon)

“I loved the second feature Odd Job… which is a different kind of ghost story. I really liked the mix of horror and humor in this one.”
- Ain't It Cool News

“De-Gruchy's story is a nifty little ghost story with a nice twist... It's actually fairly clever... It's an interesting ghost story,
which is kind of hard to pull off.”
– Comic Book Resources

Omega Comics Presents #3 (Pop! Goes The Icon)

“It’s kinda ballsy… and we’re all the better for it... More, please!”

“My favorite of the issue is The Hero’s Journey... reads as powerful as some four part arcs in just a few pages.”
– Ain’t It Cool News

“(The Hero’s Journey is)… a cool little superhero story that we probably wouldn’t see from one of the Big Two.”
– Comic Book Resources

Weird Zombie Horror #1 (Black Ship Books)

“An entertaining read, with writing and art that is
outstanding throughout.”
– InGenre

Hope: The Hero Initiative (Ronin Studios)

“Elegantly told and beautifully rendered, HOPE: THE HERO INITIATIVE is a must have for any collection.”
– Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Painkiller Jane)

“Remember all those comics you loved when you were a kid? Of course you do. But what most people don’t remember are the creators who gave them those books. Some of them need help. Here’s your chance. Buy this beautiful book and let them know we’ll never forget.”
– Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis, Justice League of America)

“…Really reached me – perhaps in a way that no other comic has in quite some time. You should definitely pick this one up the next time you go into your comic book shop. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor.”
– Comics Bulletin

Reasonably Priced Comics #2 (Reasonably Priced Comics)

My Way is a fun story that was pretty satisfying on all levels.”
– A Comic Book Blog

“A fun read.”
– Kitty’s Pryde

“The book is more than worth the money... a strong anthology with solid stories and a great variety of themes.”

Horror Haikus #1 (Black Ship Books)

“...moves beyond the gimmick to deliver some truly
bone chilling content.”

The Gathering #4 (GrayHaven Comics)

The Tipper Ripper is one of the best stories in this
volume... Excellent work!
– Arion’s Archaic Art

The Best of Omega Comics Presents: Volume 1 (Pop! Goes The Icon)

Something for all graphic-fiction tastes.
 - Bookgasm

Reasonably Priced Comics #4 (Reasonably Priced Comics)

Bad Boy takes a knife and twists it in your guts... this story really
steals the show.”
– A Comic Book Blog

“My favorite story in issue 4 was the final tale, Bad Boy... The story kept me guessing all the way to the end with sinister turn after sinister turn.”
– Atypical Tales

The Vessel of Terror (Markosia Enterprises)

“A sophisticated storyline, art that makes the eyes linger on the panels, and realistic dialogue with wit, humor and intelligence... The Vessel of Terror delivers on all these fronts...”
– Fangoria

“This book is worth every penny you pay for it.”
– From The Tomb

“The pacing and suspense remind me of John Carpenter’s The Thing... These guys nailed it... Creepy and disturbing from start to finish.”
– Comic Booked

Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak (Guild Works Publications)

“...fast-paced and jam packed with excitement... I found (And He Always Seemed Like Such A Nice Man...) very well paced and tightly, skilfully plotted…”
– Alex McKinley, Smart Alex Says

Reasonably Priced Comics #5 (Reasonably Priced Comics)

“Good, solid stories... This anthology series has been
incredibly entertaining...”
– A Comic Book Blog

“It would be nice if a wider audience could appreciate this comic... a nice pool of new talent...”
– The Comixverse

Never Look Back #2 (Incubator Press)

“A very well-done anthology... A great noir feel here.”
– Troy Hickman (Common Grounds, Witchblade)

Omega Comics Presents #1 (vol.2) (Pop! Goes The Icon)

“...all kinds of interesting characters... this is a nice offering featuring interesting stories by creators who ought to have a higher profile.”
– Comic Book Resources

The Elixir (Arcana Studios)

“This is an absolute gem of a fantasy graphic novel. I have rarely enjoyed reading one so much.”
– SFcrowsnest

“The execution was flawless from a storytelling standpoint by both the
writers and the artist... this is a very good read.”
– Fanboy Buzz

Reasonably Priced Comics #6 (Reasonably Priced Comics)

“Overall, (Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (At Nightmare Island)?) is original, funny, and memorable... the cream of the crop in
terms of entertainment...”
– A Comic Book Blog

The Last Ride of Henry Holden (Time Bomb Comics)

“This isn’t Young Guns, this is Unforgiven and it’s the better for it... highly recommended.”
– Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

“Good comic book westerns aren’t exactly in vogue these days, but if you are missing them, then this is for you... I really enjoyed this...”
– Geek Syndicate

The Case Files of Harlan Falk (Markosia Enterprises)

“It’s pretty cool... and I now find myself wanting more…”
– Scifi Pulse

The Fallen #1 – #4 (Monkeybrain)

“If you liked Y-The Last Man, I Am Legend or anything of that nature then you’ll love this book. Do yourself a favour and get it right now...”
– Geeks Unleashed

“...the narration [is] engaging and appropriately moody, and
it’s definitely a smooth read...”
– Trash Mutant

“Alex De-Gruchy has crafted a unique story of survival... the
atmosphere of dread really shines.”
– Bloody Disgusting

“When you’re breaking into a market or genre that’s already really saturated, you’ve got to set yourself apart... The Fallen
has that potential...”
– Rhymes With Geek

“In other words, it’s awesome... I love what I’ve read so far.”
– Fanboy Comics

The Fallen has some great potential... there is a good bit here to enjoy.
– All-Comic

Rocking Pilot (GunGrounds / Mad Head Games)

“Overall, it’s a really decent bullet-hell game.”
– Short Game Reviews

C.H.E.S.S. #1 (Power Comics)

“...A G.I. Joe for 2017... Don't Mess With C.H.E.S.S. - that
should be your t-shirt right there.”
– 2 Guys 1 Review

Semispheres (Vivid Helix)

“One of the most unique puzzle games I've played in quite some time.

“It's smart, serene, and has some great puzzle designs, along
with a sweet story.”
God Is A Geek

“An elegant mix of stealth and puzzle solving.”
PlayStation Country

“An enjoyable and serene puzzler that is both soothing and tough.”
Nintendo World Report

Nicodemus Flynn (Markosia)

“If you're looking for a sprawling saga about monsters, demons
and those who fight them, Nicodemus Flynn is one to watch!”
Chuck's Comic of the Day

“I really like that there’s lots of story, twists, and turns as you read
through this massive graphic novel... Full of action and intrigue,
it is one hell of a read.”
– 2 Guys 1 Review